Forbidden Kingdom, Mustang

Explore the mysterious land of the Lo Kingdom…..

The former Kingdom of Lo situated high in the Himalayas of Nepal bordering with Tibet represents a landscape and culture unlike any other. The people of Lo are ethnically Tibetan and they have lived for hundreds of years amongst acrid cliffs covered in mysterious man made caves containing archaeological secrets dating back to at least 2000 years. Remote and rural, traveling through Mustang will take you back to a time reminiscent of old Tibet including ancient monasteries with preserved Buddhist paintings, load carrying ponies traveling along old dusty, dry trading paths, and traditional villages.

Andif that’s not all, the riding here is also from another world! The cross-country single tracks in Mustang can be fast, technical and adrenalin racing featuring hairpin turns and narrow trails along sheer cliff drops. The routes are enduro, requiring a good level of fitness and an essential desire for adventure to fully explore this unique landscape and corner of the Himalayas. However, we can customise the trails to any level of skill from beginners to advanced, Mustang is really a biker’s paradise.

Trips start from 11 days (lower Mustang only) to 20 days (Lower and Upper Mustang). For an extra special cultural experience consider travel during the Buddhist festival of Tiji (May) and the horse racing festival of Yartung (August).

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