About Us

Single Track Nepal is a local mountain biking expedition company owned by two Nepali mountain biking enthusiasts, Rakesh Manandhar and Sumit Joshi. The mission of Single Track Nepal is simple: to showcase the best of Nepal’s wilderness and culture from the thrill of a mountain bike. Single Track Nepal aims to promote Nepal as a premier destination for world class single track mountain biking. Explorers and adventurers at heart, Rakesh and Sumit push the boundaries of traditional mountain biking operators by always seeking new trails, new trips and new ways to travel through Nepal and the South Asian region on mountain bike. Exploratory trails in development include any sections of the Great Himalayan Trail, routes in Sikkim, Kerala and Bhutan.

At Single Track Nepal, every trip is personalised to help you reach personal ambitions and fulfil special interests. We can find you trails to fit your desired level of riding be it super enduro and technical, or relaxed and spiritual. With over a decade’s years of experience guiding mountain biking trips, and in addition to more than twenty years experience leading trekking and climbing expeditions in Nepal and in South Asia, you can be confident that Single Track Nepal have the experience and skill to provide the best experience for you.