Lower Mustang, kali-Gandaki River

“Explore the best of mountain biking in Nepal”

This trip blends the best of mountain biking in Nepal today. Exciting single tracks are in urban and remote areas with preserved unique cultures amidst `stunning scenery. We begin our trip exploring the urban and rural jungles of Kathmandu including rides around bustling streets in traditional Newari communities, ancient handcrafted palaces of Kathmandu or Patan Durbar Squares and through the forests of the hills that surround Kathmandu. In the second part of the trip, we will journey into the remote region of Mustang situated by the Tibet border. This unique corner of Nepal is a vast desert with a moon like landscape that offers endless opportunities for biking at all levels. Nepal is a nation of more than 100 ethnic groups, and the vast diversity will be apparent as soon as you enter Mustang via Jomson. The people of this region are of Tibetan descent known as Thakali with a rich Buddhist culture mixed some Hindu influences. As we journey between villages and towns, look out for colourful chorten gates, prayer flagpoles, maniwalls, Tibetan style dress and monasteries that is the heart of Mustangi culture. Every day on the trip will include time to explore the many cultures of Kathmandu and Mustang. This trip is jam packed and there is no slow day once the biking starts; you will not get enough of the thrilling downhills, exploratory single tracks and fast jeep tracks. This trip is recommended to new visitors of Nepal as a good introduction to Nepal’s people, landscape and mountain biking opportunities.

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