Dariusz Jan Kubik, Rope Access Supervisor and an offshore worker, Poland

Riding your bike in the area could be a challenging business both: logistically and physically .
You can have the first part of the equation sorted out by a local guide and that is what I would thoroughly recommend.
As for the second part: you will need to be prepared for more or less 10.000 m of climbing in same 10 days or so, at high altitude (most of the ridding takes place at 3500 m above sea level up to slightly above 4000 m)
How much you will actually climb depends on how many detours you and your guide will take from the tracking trail to dive into river’s gorges on a single tracks and than come back up.
As for us (according to the data gathered by our smartphones) we climbed same good 9500 at the very least, most of which was rideable 85 %, some required bike pushing 10%,and bike carrying on few occasions.
The ridding conditions can very a lot from rocky and dry trials, to muddy and slippery ones. Some snow is to be expected as well.
Few downhills are really exposed in places and a mistake with handling your bike properly could be….well, could be very costly to say the least. But, as usual, you can walk the tricky sections, with your bike on your shoulders. So no real problem there.
There was days when I was praying it’s all over (long climbs, screaming lungs etc) but nevertheless I enjoyed the whole experience throughly.
The locals, the ancient way of life that has been preserved in Upper Mustang, the architecture of the place and most importantly : the amazing landscapes that accompany you since the first day of you arrivel.
All of that is ones in a lifetime experience.
My guide on this trip was a Nepali friend of mine, Rakesh. He is a great bike mechanic ( cooking oil to re-bleed your shimano breaks anyone ) and knows the area well. On top of that he is a great person to be with and a strong rider too.
You can contact him on , or visit his https://www.facebook.com/mtbrocky or website http://singletracknepal.com.np
— with Mtb Rocky.